Why we do this? Our Manifest / Sustainable Tourism

by | January 30, 2018

We believe San José is a beautiful, fun and interesting city that must be seized by locals and shared with visitors.

We believe that the best way to know a city is by sharing with those who call it “home” and we are sure that the main detractors of San José are those who haven’t got the chance to discover its charms yet.

We believe that the benefits and wealth that tourism brings to Costa Rica can also benefit the local San José economy. A sustainable and collaborative economy of small entrepreneurs who help each other out to make our capital grow.

We are positive that collectiveness provides security and that commerce is the best way to keep the city awake, active and safe.

We believe that it’s the right and duty of all costa ricans to know our history, to appreciate, and preserve our heritage. And we know San José has enough history, culture, entertainment and gastronomy to become a major touristic destination and stop being a mandatory stop.

We’re motivated to vindicate our Right to the City, but we’re also aware that is our duty, together, as institution, academy and civil society, to build the city we want.

We believe in San José and work to show why we love our capital.

Our purpose is to seize each and every moment in this amazing city.

Avenida Central – Sustainable Tourism

Parque Morazán – Sustainable Tourism

Casa Jiménez de la Guardia – Sustainable Tourism

Museo Nacional – Sustainable Tourism

Parque Nacional – Sustainable Tourism

Jardín de Paz -Sustainable Tourism