Where’s the best ceviche in San Jose, Costa Rica?

by | September 18, 2019

Ceviche, is a delicious dish made out of raw fish, or shrimp (or other ingredients) cut into pieces and cooked with lime juice or bitter orange. It’s part of the gastronomy of several countries of Latin America such as Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador; and. It’s recipe varies depending on the country and region, using  different ingredients. Although there’s not an official recipe for ceviche, we all agree that it’s delicious. A while back we asked our community to share their favorite restaurants in San Jose, Costa Rica to get a good Ceviche, and here we share them with you:  

If you go, please let us know how you like it by commenting on this post or tagging us @carpechepe on your favorite Social Platform. If after tasting the best ceviches in San José, you feel like trying it at home, here we share a video from La Mamá de Los Tomates (The Mother of the Tomatoes), Adriana Sanchez: It’s in Spanish (with a lot of slang), but it’s pretty cool to watch 🙂