The neighborhood of the bourgeoisie: Amon.

by | June 22, 2011

Amon Fasileau Duplantier, a french coffee producer, started Barrio Amon’s urbanization in 1897.

He was brother in law of Hipólito Tournón Captenat and legal representative of his family, who owned a coffee mill located on the premises where the Barrio Amon is located today. In 1892, Amon presents to the Municipality of San José the plan to create a neighborhood in the area of ​​the city, given that those land at that time were a source of dirt and floods as there were no pipes to allow the evacuation of water when it rained in that area.
In the zone where now is the Morazan Park there was a lake that was filled with the intent to beautify the surroundings of the National Liquor Factory along with Station Street (today Paseo de Los Damas), the Yellow House, the Metallic Building, the Temple of Music and Park Spain, to turn it into an urban promenade from the National Park to the Morazan Park.
In 1894, they signed a contract which stipulated that the municipality would pay Amon for the construction of streets and sidewalks until houses were built. From this point the area is known as Barrio Amon.

This district gathered a good part of the bourgeoisie and became the first upscale neighborhood of San Jose, with residences in various styles like Victorian,  Moorish, neoclassical and eclectic.

Today, some of these houses are still residences, others are now hotels, galleries, restaurants and antique shops, always keeping their original elegance.