San Jose is full of stories!

by | June 26, 2018

San Jose is full of stories! Each person has a story, comes from somewhere and has its own world.

Whenever we walk through San Jose, we would like to meet each people we see, how they got there, what happened to them, what experiences they have to tell us and what sort of things they should see every day living in the streets.

We wanted to share with you some of the stories we see and find out there in Chepe.

Some time ago some stores gave permission for graffiti artists to paint in their metal curtains a series of portraits of Chepe’s characters. This is one of them, his name is Robinson.

Investigating a little more about the topic, we found a video documentary made by some students at Véritas University, from the School of Film and TV, called: Robinson, When the Atomic Weight Differed. We thought it was great!

It seems that the graffiti was made thanks to the video. So we share them 🙂 It tells about the story of this character and the reality in which he lives.