Cycling in San Jose Costa Rica

by | September 26, 2019

Ig Photo by: ExpoBiciCR


When you hear the word cycling, your first thought would probably be riding in the mountains with an incredible landscape, how about pedaling in the city?

Some people think that urban cycling could be dangerous or terrifying but, in the middle of the forest you could be attacked by a jaguar… (quite unlikely, but who knows…). Then why not venture into the concrete jungle and take a tour appreciating the colors, nuances and history of our beloved Chepe

I have been a cyclist for a long time and there’s no better feeling than the wind breeze on your face and the best of all: skip the traffic!  So I’m going to give you some local tips to enjoy the city on a bike: 

Know the law

Before to become you the Lance Armstrong of the city you need to know what are the basic rules. Actually, there is a new law in Costa Rica, this initiative helps to promote physical activity and at the same time create new public spaces for the construction of public parking  as well as public bicycle rental system. So, dear cyclist, know there are laws that protect us and duties to fulfill.

If you want to survive, equipment to the city you must have

You need at least a helmet, comfortable shoes, a bike lock (we recommend a U-Lock), colorful clothes, a bottle of water, and don’t forget the lights of your bike, especially if you’re riding at night.

Get an appropriate bike 

I know mountain bikes are amazing, big and make you feel powerful but (like your ex) are not the one for you, if you’re riding in the city. The best type of  bicycle for the city is a road bike or commuter bikes, they’re lighter and  your body it’s gonna thank you especially if you are an amateur. 

Ride your bike where you should

Recently we got a bikeway across the city, check out the map in in this link  …you’re welcome 😉

ciclying in San Jose Costa Rica

Ride safe!

Enjoy the ride and the history of the San José 

Here is a list of awesome places right on the bikeway that you can discover while pedaling. 

Bicycle tour in San Jose Costa Rica

Tip: Look for bicycle parking racks like the ones CicloParqueos put on the square next to the the Old Customs building. Ig photo by: CicloParqueos

  • Barrio Escalante has become within the last decade the culinary destination par excellence. With many options to eat or try the best craft beers. You will find options of all kinds: seafood, meat, vegetarians, vegans, cocktails, beer, etc …
  • La Soledad Church  Built circa. 1860, is located on the boulevard Paseo de los Estudiantes and was declared Historical Heritage of the country in 1999
  • Costa Rican Art Museum is open from 9am to 4pm (closed on Mondays), and it’s FREE!
  • La Sabana metropolitan park   Its official name is the Padre Chapuí metropolitan park and is considered the natural lung of our capital. Fun fact: it used to be an airport and Charles Lindberg landed his legendary Spirit of St. Louis there in 1928.
Costa Rica History

Photo courtesy of ChepeAntiguo

  • General Cemetery   Created in 1845 and occupies a space of 80.662 square meters is pretty much an open art gallery with great sculptures and a lot of history.

Be polite

In the streets you are going to find a bunch of different people some friendlier than others, so just keep calm, follow the rules, be safe and smile when you see everyone stressed in their cars for hours, stuck in traffic


If you’re looking for a different way to explore San Jose and want to enjoy a guided bicycle experience, we have some friends that are experts on the field. Click here for more info.  

I also created a Spotify playlist for you to listen while you’re riding.

But before you leave, listen up to Queen’s “Bicycle race” and get out there!



Estefanía González – sports lover, tour guide, amateur photographer, and faithful believer in sustainable tourism.