Chocolate Experience

Learn about the history of this fruit, and prepare your own chocolate bar.

Price: $20

Chocolate Experience

Since 2016 La Casa del Cacao (The House of Chocolate) and Soleil Chocolates offers to locals and visitors alike the chance to enjoy the best european chocolate making technique, with one of the best cocoa in the world: costarican cocoa.

We will start by talking about the botanical history of cocoa, the genetic and geographical origin of the cocoa tree in Mesoamerica, its importance for pre-Columbian cultures (Olmecs, Mayas and Aztecs) and for the modern world.

We will also talk about cocoa in Costa Rica, and the process required before this fruit becomes the chocolate we love so much. Later, in the interactive workshop we will have the opportunity to make cocoa beans become exquisite chocolate bars while tasting each stage of this interesting and delicious process.


What’s included?

Cocoa explanatory talk (history and processes)
Interactive Chocolate Preparation Workshop
Chocolate tastings

What is the price?

USD$20– No transportation

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