10 Things you may not know about San José

by | February 18, 2018

How the city of San Jose arises… and other curious data from some of the most representative places of our capital.


  1. As population it emerged in 1736 when the Ecclesiastic Council of Leon ordered that a church be built in the “abra de la Boca del Monte”, behind where the current Central Bank is located.
  2. That site chosen for the chapel was a plain located between the rivers Torres and Maria Aguilar and occupied a strategic position as a land bridge, for trade and rest, between the valleys and communication between the peoples of Indians.
  3. The so called Villa Nueva de San José receives the title of city by decree of October 18, 1813 through the efforts of the priest Florencio del Castillo.
  4. At the place where is currently located  Morazan Park, there was a lake that was causing health problems, so in 1887 it was decided to fill it and Morazan Park was built.
  5. First industrial building in Costa Rica and also the oldest building that still exists in San Jose is the Former FANAL (today CENAC)  from 1856, when there was inaugurated the facilities of the Fabrica Nacional de Aguardientes.
  6. Before becoming Parque España, this space was a square of activities related to FANAL, it took the name of Plaza de La Concordia for only three years, from 1917 to 1920.
  7. The first neighborhood for wealthy people who existed in San Jose was Barrio Amon, built by the French Amon Fasileau Duplantier at the time of 1897, while inaugurating the National Theatre.
  8. Parque Morazan’s kiosk was not there from the beginning, the current Temple of Music was inaugurated in 1920 by Julio Acosta.
  9. The National Monument (1891), has five female figures representing the five republics of Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) coming together to defend their territory and repel the invasion personified by William Walker as a soldier fleeing from them.
  10. Plaza de la Cultura took 5 years to build (from 1977-1982) and 9 years to conclude this ambitious project that start in 1973.