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What is La Carreta?

This is the first Hop On – Hop Off of bars in Costa Rica! This is a bus making stop by the best bars in San Jose, every Friday and Saturday night, starting 8:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. in a continuous route.
This is not a private bus.

How is the route?

La Carreta has a predefined route, from East to West of San Jose (Paseo Colón to Los Yoses) in a complete loop with a length of one and a half hour.

¡La Carreta no se queda esperando en cada bar!
Sube y baja gente y eventualmente volverá a pasar de nuevo para seguir con la fiesta. Cada persona (y su grupo de amigos) decide dónde subirse y dónde bajarse según lo que quieran hacer.

What is the price?

SIngle Pass: $6
One way ticket, you decide where your next drink will be.
$6 one ride + one cocktail.

NIGHTPASS: Unlimited rides per night, you can get on and get off, anywhere, anytime. Includes one courtesy cocktail.

There’s liquor on board?

Yes!. We do have a bar on board selling craft beers, cocktails and shots.

Any requirement to get on?

You must be 18+ and present a valid ID.

This is not only a fun way to experience the city, but also a responsible and safe one.
You drink, we drive!

Coming in a group?
You can see our group packages or contact us for further information.