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Have you noticed that San José tends to be a mandatory stop (mostly for transport connections) rather than a destination in most tourists itineraries?
Visitors rush to our beautiful coasts, mountains and volcanoes without even bothering to find out what kind of charms does this city hide. Travelers, on the other hand, tend to blend in and search to interact with the people that call this place home. THE LOCALS.

We are the locals. We live here, and we have tons of fun. You just need a friendly hand to point you in the right direction.

Our tours blend history, fun and recommendations from locals who love traveling and want to help other fellow travelers to make the most out of Chepe. Hope that our tours can help you to explore and discover why is that we love it here!

Carpe Diem, Carpe Chepe!
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Languages: English, Spanish, some French and Portuguese and she’s been trying to learn Russian for ages with Duolingo. Iva is our expert beer-master by excellence, is one of the veteran guides of the company, and she’s been with us since the beginning so she knows it all. Talks about beer like the best lover she’s had and with details! Always knows where the best party’s at, the best food, and obviously the best beer. She loves traveling, books, languages, she always manages to decipher where someone is from and what language they’re speaking with a couple of words even if she has no idea how to speak it. She also tries at yoga and cloths and is the “official” astrologist of Carpe Chepe. Tribe: Musicians. Preferred food: Desseeeeeert!!! And anything with lots of melted cheese and beef. Drink: Some beers here and there.. even better if they’re craft beers. Catchphrase: “i’m the expert bad company, I don’t go down easily.” Worst flaw: She can’t use a beer to cure her hangover. Day-job: Saxophonist.


Idiomas: English, French and Portuguese- but if the guy’s handsome she pulls out whatever she can use to communicate. She loves singing, dancing, camping, playing basketball and extreme sports. Seeing and meeting new people (the old people are boring is what she says haha). Hyperactive and legit the explorer kid; always ready! Prepared with everything needed to resolve literally any crisis and to organize people in the blink of an eye. Super kind, cheerful and a story-teller, with a spark so particular that only knowing her would be enough to understand. Loves and knows all the stuff about art (specially optic and cinematic). So she can let out her dork side and talk about each colour and line for hours.   Tribe: Doesn’t accept it, but kinda hipster. Favourite food: Basically everything, except celery. Says to have a fat lady side inside of her. Drink: tequila sunrise, with more tequila and even better when watching the sunrise on the beach. Catchphrase: Oh, son of a bitch ? Worst flaw: Has more bad luck than Daffy Duck, and it goes without saying she’s a bit clumsy. Day-job: Goes somewhere where people stay, they pay her for her services, spends the night and then leaves, sometimes without saying goodbye.. Yeah, she works in a hotel reception. What were you thinking?


Languages: She goes for it with English, Spanish and Italian, but she’s super fluent with Sarcastic, “Pachuco” (street slang)  and “Soncho” (kinda redneck.) “La Flaca” is our  Duracell batteries bunny guide -  she’s never tired, has the most extreme “bombetismo” of the country with which she raises the roof whenever and however! Megaphone’s included, so she’ll always get heard. Loves comics, video games, books, TV series and books, so she has while-worth conversation material. Also, she knows all the scare-stories and is an enciclopedia for drinking games- aka guaranteed drunkness, and she has great stories of why and how we use certain Costa Rican words and phrases. Expert in the art of trash-talk (sequels of her life as a stand up comedian). Repairs clothing and footwear flaws with literally anything! And she’s an excelent wingwoman. Can help anybody get a date. Tribe: 100% Geek… mixed with unleashed “chancla!” Preferred food: Cold pizza, rice and beans and basically anything that didn’t have eyes. Drink: Beer and Cacique…but if she’s willing to go for real, a Porter or Stout are the best choices. Catchphrase: “ %#&@$#$@%” “Tired as hell.” Worst flaw: Talks like a pirate- doesn’t drink Jager. Day-job: Drops the party and pirate-talk to become the serious and formal Operational Manager of Carpe Chepe.


Languages: Spanish, English, a bit of Italian, a bit of Portuguese, “Pachuco,” (street slang), “labioso” (flatterer) and with enough booze even ancient Aramaic. He’s the top party-man, loves socializing, have it clear he’s known as Miss Costa Rica, he speaks to no end so no awkward silences guaranteed. Has the biggest collection of hats on the country and there’s no geek topic he doesn’t have his hands on. Knows completely the story of Carpe Chepe (which, duh, he lived). With his booming  voice you’ll certainly hear him 100 meters away, in middle of a comparsa (music band). Knows Aikido venusino, lightsaber techniques and his specialty is excuses to be late, get out without permission and come back late. He enjoys hobbies like anime, reading, facebook-ing, Pokemon-Go, darts, fencing, cosplay, the cinema and DOCTOR WHO! Dances, sings and recites,   Tribe: Geek-hipster-ish-half Otaku Preferred food: MEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAT Drink: Beer all the way! Catchphrase:  “Don’t leave for tomorrow the epic party you can have today.” Worst flaw: Makes the longest Whatsapp audios. Day-job: Founder and Director of the Cultural Foundation Skené, actor and play director.


Languages: Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese Born and raised in San José by a panamenian family. This side of his heritage surfaces when he´s drunk and salsa music is playing! CouchSurfing is to blame for unveiling his passion for showing travelers around his hometown. He loves to learn new languages and sharing cultural experiences, you never know when knowing how to ask for a beer in Chech or Mandarin might become handy, right?  

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  • We have been to San Jose on our own a few times. We always ended up walking up and down the pedestrian mall and seeing the same shops over and over again. This time we tried something different and did a formal tour with Aimee from Carpe Chepe. It was sooooo much better than trying to figure out the city ourselves!!! She showed us all sorts of cool neighbourhoods and brought us to cool restaurants. Her recommendations on local craft beer were perfect. She told us about the city walking tour and craft beer tour. I only wish we had found out about Carpe Chepe earlier as we are leaving before being able to try the other tours. Next time 🙂
    Bryan T
  • We had the best time with our guide Mariano Calvo "Nano". Besides been very young, he's very knowledgeable and taught us a lot of things. We got to know new places and got to experience a night full of entertainment.A
    Alexis G
  • When i came to San José for My second time i had no expectations, thought it was kind of a boring town and with a quite boring nightlife, then we saw that carpe chepe dis a pub crawl and decide to try it and see what happens, and i will tell you that this night changed my opinion in San José. One of the best night i had and everything was well orginazed. Our guide Erick was fantastic and telled us about the town and made this to an amazing night. I would recommend this to everyone WHO goes to San José and looking for a good night!